Mayday! We need basic income.

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Having the Option to Do Nothing Increases Commitment

"The participants given a choice between two or three puzzles spent about 5 minutes working on the puzzle they selected. Those who were given the option not to participate spent about 7 minutes working on their selected puzzle. So, explicitly choosing to do something rather than not to do it greatly increased the amount of time people spent on the task.”

This is a great finding in support of unconditional basic income.

Facebook’s Purchase of Occulus is the New Best Example of 21st Century Inequality

The purchase of Occulus by Facebook for $2 billion is the new best example of the inequality inherent in 21st century capitalism. A few people just got really rich, while the thousands of people who helped build the company from nothing, through $2.5 million of crowdsourced capital and a thriving developer community didn’t.

Every single funder and every single developer should be given their share of Facebook stock. But of course that won’t happen, and this is another reason why we need a basic income. Its time has come.

An unconditional monthly citizen’s dividend to all representing their share of the surpluses not presently being shared with them in a world of ever-rising productivity and stagnant wages would help resolve this problem of the few getting really rich on the backs of the many, while the many get nothing but broken promises.

Palmer Luckey, you helped build something great, but you did not do it alone. Without the Occulus community you would be just another VR dreamer with a phone tied to his face. You are not worth a billion dollars. Compared to the community you just swindled, you aren’t even truly worth anything at all.

Occulus RIP

It Is Time For Basic Income


It Is Time For Basic Income

This post is Part 1 in a series.

It is time for Basic Income. This idea, endorsed by a range of economists from a variety of political camps, has always seemed more of a distant dream than a reality. But productivity and standard of living increases made Basic…

Useful Work Versus Useless Toil

The above title may strike some of my readers as strange. It is assumed by most people nowadays that all work is useful, and by most well-to-do people that all work is desirable. Most people, well-to-do or not, believe that, even when a man is doing work which appears to be useless, he is earning his livelihood by it - he is “employed,” as the phrase goes; and most of those who are well-to-do cheer on the happy worker with congratulations and praises, if he is only “industrious” enough and deprives himself of all pleasure and holidays in the sacred cause of labour. In short, it has become an article of the creed of modern morality that all labour is good in itself - a convenient belief to those who live on the labour of others. But as to those on whom they live, I recommend them not to take it on trust, but to look into the matter a little deeper.

-William Morris

A Strategic Opening for a Basic Income Guarantee in the Global CrisisBeing Created by AI, Robots, Desktop Manufacturing and BioMedicine


Robotics and artificial intelligence are beginning to fundamentally change the relative profitability and productivity of investments in capital versus human labor, creating technological unemployment at all levels of the workforce, from the North to the developing world. As robotics and expert systems become cheaper and more capable the percentage of the population that can find employment will also fall, stressing economies already trying to curtail “entitlements” and adopt austerity. Two additional technology-driven trends will exacerbate the structural unemployment crisis in the coming decades, desktop manufacturing and anti-aging medicine. Desktop manufacturing threatens to disintermediate the half of all workers involved in translating ideas into products in the hands of consumers, while anti-aging therapies will increase the old age dependency ratio of retirees to tax-paying workers. Policies that are being proposed to protect or create employment will have only a temporary moderating effect on job loss. Over time these policies, which will impose raise costs, lower the quality of goods and services, and lower competitiveness, will become fiscally impossible and lose political support. In order to enjoy the benefits of technological innovation and longer, healthier lives we will need to combine policies that control the pace of replacing paid human labor with a universal basic income guarantee (BIG) provided through taxation and the public ownership of wealth.  The intensifying debate over the reform of “entitlements” will be the strategic opening for a campaign for BIG to replace disability and unemployment insurance, Social Security, and other elements of the welfare state.

Basic Income In The Star


A few days ago, a Star columnist wrote a column about the Liberal party embracing a basic income. It was a decent column, but included some important mistakes. Today, the BIG Push Campaign’s director, Rob Rainer, set the record straight with a column of his own in the same paper.


Malnourishment is a national concern because we are a nation that cares about its people, how they feel, how they live. We care whether they are well and whether they are happy. First of all there is a moral imperative: Our national conscience requires it. We must because we can. We are the world’s richest nation. We are the best educated nation. We have an agricultural abundance that ranks as a miracle of the modern world. This Nation cannot long continue to live with its conscience if millions of its own people are unable to get an adequate diet.

For the first time - Mr. Moynihan please notice - for the first time, this new family assistance plan would give every American family a basic income, wherever in America that family may live. For the first time, it would put cash into the hands of families because they are poor, rather than because they fit certain categories. When enacted, this measure alone will either supplement the incomes or provide the basis for the incomes of 25 million American men, women, and children. Our basic policies for improvement of the living conditions of the poor are based on this proposition: That the best judge of each family’s priorities is that family itself, that the best way to ameliorate the hardships of poverty is to provide the family with additional income-to be spent as that family sees fit.

Now, some will argue with this proposition. Some argue that the poor cannot be trusted to make their own decisions, and therefore, the Government should dole out food, clothing, and medicines, according to a schedule of what the Government thinks is needed. Well, I disagree. I believe there are no experts present in this great gathering who know more about the realities of hunger and malnutrition than those among you who are here because you have suffered from it; or than those among you who are here who do suffer from it, from great cities, from wornout farms, from barren reservations, from frozen tundra, and tiny islands half a world away.

The task of Government is not to make decisions for you or for anyone. The task of Government is to enable you to make decisions for yourselves. Not to see the truth of that statement is fundamentally to mistake the genius of democracy. We have made too many mistakes of this type-but no more. Our job is to get resources to people in need and then to let them run their own lives.

Noted communist, former US President Richard Nixon, 1969 (via fatnutritionist)

The great communist Richard Nixon and his horrible socialist ideals…

Unconditional Basic Income (part 1)


I propose to consider the idea of an unconditional basic income from what I might call a philosophical standpoint. While I think that such a proposal does have practical value, given how “radical” it appears in current American political terms, I think it might be more interesting to consider it…

Great blog!

timellis asked
Hey mate, I featured your Twibbon #basicincome on the Facebook page of the Big Push campaign for basic income here in Canada. Thanks for creating it, love it!

Awesome! Happy to help progress us all towards a UBI. I’ll continue doing everything I can to increase its awareness and social momentum towards actualized policy.